We’re not just your typical agency. We’re a whole lot more.

With over 15+ years experience in the wholesale & retail sector we are the leading agency in Europe that specialise in growing & scaling small to medium size businesses both within retail and online. Growing our brands into stores world wide.

Darragh O’Toole
Managing Director

Brand Depot is a open source wholesale platform. What does this mean? It means brands now have the ability to sell direct to the retailer without any of the heavy costs of an agency or commission fee’s. Brand Depot is designed to bring awareness to brands & offer the opportunity of potential stockists. It allows retailers direct contact with the brands and sample directly from them using our secured check-out system. 

Brand Depot was set up with the it’s unique insight in the wholesale sector. Giving all the rising costs & brexit there is ample opportunity for brands to thrive. That’s what it’s all about. Bringing awareness to your business & maximising your stance in the retail sector. 

Brand Depot was founded by Darragh O’Toole. With his success with B2R Fashion Wholesale he wanted to introduce a more affordable solution to his businesses services. With over 6,500 retail accounts he aims to bring awareness to brands using the brand depot tool. With his unique insight into the sector he noticed the worrying trends of inflation & costs of doing business for fashion brands. With brand depot it eliminates the hefty costs of agency’s and puts the brands in full control of their accounts. 

He believes there is only one golden rule in retail. 

“ Theres no such thing as a bad product , but only a bad price. “