"BRAND DEPOT" is a multivendor hosting platform that allows third party sellers to offer products for sale to consumers. As a hosting platform, BRAND DEPOT is not directly involved in the transactions between sellers and consumers and is not responsible for any conflicts of interest that may arise between them.

By using our platform, you acknowledge that BRAND DEPOT is not a party to any agreement between a seller and a consumer, and we have no control over the quality, safety, or legality of the products being offered for sale, the truth or accuracy of the listings, or the ability of sellers to sell items. We do not endorse any of the products or sellers on our platform and we cannot be held liable for any damages or losses that may result from the use of our platform or the purchase of products from sellers on our platform.

We encourage all users to use caution and due diligence when purchasing products from third party sellers on our platform. We recommend that you carefully review the seller's policies, including their return and refund policies, before making a purchase.

We also encourage users to report any suspicious or fraudulent activity to us immediately. We will take all necessary steps to investigate and address any such activity on our platform.

By using our platform, you agree to release BRAND DEPOT from any claims, damages, or demands arising out of or in connection with any conflict of interest or other disputes between sellers and consumers on our platform.

We will be happy to provide you with all the details at the brand at question so that the issue at hand can be dealt with directly.
Refunds on orders.
Brand Depot is a hosting platform. Any purchase made must be requested to be refunded within 5 business days. After this period the pending payment is no longer held by Brand Depot and is sent direct to the seller once fulfilled.
Should you require a refund after this period you must contact the seller directly. Should you need the contact details for the seller in question , please file a submission form on the contact page and we will tend to your query.